Hey! This is Rose.

I originally posted this on my LiveJournal account, but later on I decided to only use that for JE related things. So, I made another separate blog here. 😀

(Originally posted on July 21 2016)

Hello! This is my first ever blog/journal post! Yay! I feel like I should’ve used a website like Tumblr or WordPress or Blogger or something, but I’ve been using LJ a lot for anime and JPOP things, and I recently just made a LJ account, so might as well use this.

So, to the subject, this post is going to be about my Impossible List. What’s that? Well, it’s kinda like a bucket list, but it’s not. This list is always changing, as more goals are added and crossed off, and it is made for you to take action now, not for something that you will do later. Well, something like that, haha.

I stole this idea from the awesome Maryn, who took it from Thomas Frank, the guy behind the College Info Geek blog, who took it from Joel Runyon, who created the the original Impossible List.

Also today (July 21) is one of my favourite music producer’s 18th birthday! Happy birthday, Laszlo! This is why I’ve been playing his songs all day (actually I pretty much do that everyday, oops).

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